Creating the Photograph: On Assignment at a Restaurant

Chris Gampat
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When we started talking about making an educational video on lighting, at the top of the list was that it had to be 100% real. We wanted to show our creative process from start to finish which, for how we shoot, would be simple and to the point letting the tools do their parts to help us create. Far too many photo-educational videos are staged to only show perfect results which can have a negative impact on the students confidence when they can’t easily replicate that perfection.

Both Chris Gampat and Giulio Sciorio approached this project as they would with any other editorial assignment: get in, capture beautiful images and get out. To capture we used minimal kit just as we would in our everyday shooting.

Camera tools hit the streets about every two years, technology is going to change but what won’t is how we work with light. Without light there is no photo regardless of the camera tech. With today's market everyone can pick up a camera and get decent results out of the box which plays into the insta-demand market we live in but what can’t be learned in an instant is lighting.

Learning lighting takes time, presence and patience. Watching Creating the Photograph: On Assignment at a Restaurant is the first step but practice is what will make this video valuable for you for years to come.

The purchase includes:

One long form carefully put together video.

Two unedited BTS video clips that really show the process

Four RAW files from Giulio and a Large Number from Chris for you to work on yourself.

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Creating the Photograph: On Assignment at a Restaurant

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